The Artist


Dave was born in Missouri and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  As a native of Tucson for over thirty years, Dave primarily chooses the Sonoran Desert as inspiration for his art because of the stark and every-changing beauty that the landscape provides.

Due to his profound reverence for Native American tradition and culture, his creations are guided solely by his own imagination, and bear no cultural or ceremonial connotations.

Dave attributes his success, in part, to the absence of formal training as an artist.  "I enjoy the freedom of having no rules to apply when starting a mask."

Dave uses a combination of traditional materials, including leather dyes, precious stones, feathers, horsehair, and porcupine quills to create contemporary masks.  His breathtakingly beautiful  and sometimes haunting masks have been commissioned from all over the United States as well as parts of Europe.  He has been featured in numerous magazines and publications and has won a myriad of awards throughout his lucrative career as a gourd artist.

Despite his success as an artist, Dave believes it is imperative to "give back to the community."  He donates one mask per show to different non-profit organizations supporting the arts, and also participates in local fundraisers and silent auctions.

Dave's work is currently available at Casa Bella Gallery in Tucson, and Kokopelli Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach California.  His work is featured at Fine Art Shows throughout the Southwest and is also available by individual commissions.